Monday, 26 January 2015

Jaguar Mk X colours

dark metallic blue

Another collector asked me about Jaguar Mk X colours so I thought I would do a little more research and try and find some examples to illustrate them all as I don't have every one myself yet. There really is an amazing number. So here are what could comprise a reasonably full list. There may be further slight variations and what I describe as Kingfisher blue below is similar to a sort of dark turquoise which I have seen.

I think that the first releases were the pale green and pale or sky blue solid colours with the metallic variations coming a fair bit later. I had the pale green myself and that would have been one of the first in 1962. From what I can tell, the scarcest colours are silver, the sea green / turquoise / Kingfisher shade and dark blue.

pale blue

steel blue metallic

sky blue

Kingfisher blue metallic

Bright blue metallic

dark cerise metallic

cerise metallic

pale cerise metallic

pale green

emerald metallic

dark silver metallic

light silver metallic

So let's confuse everything now. I have just seen this, apparently pink Jaguar Mk X in a forthcoming auction!! It looks in dreadful condition and I can't be absolutely sure that it hasn't been another colour repainted but I will do my best to get it and take a closer look. I probably shouldn't have published this until after I've won it or someone will go and start bidding against me. More news in a while.

Update: The Jaguar was a dreadfully bad repaint! The auction chap I had asked to checked it for me prior to bidding assured me it was original so I shall not be using them again in a hurry. Some outfit in Bristol

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