Friday, 16 May 2014

Pale blue Morris Mini Minor with cast wheels

The Morris Mini Minor #226 lasted from 1960 to 1968. For the vast majority of those years it was only seen in pale blue. Nearer the end of its life there were nice purple variants - illustrated in an earlier article here. The first minis had fixed smooth hubs. The only example in stock is the Black List model I have in silver.

The most common version has free spinning wheels like these two.

An unusual model popped up recently, though. All the later purple ones had cast wheels but pale blue ones with these wheels are very rare. This is the only example I have seen. I don't know how rare it is so I am not sure how to price it as it may just be that there are plenty out there and I just haven't noticed them. Or it could be, like the cream Austin Seven, something very difficult to track down and worth a lot more. My stock item is also in excellent condition.

I can see why there are many people who just specialise in minis! I had no idea before I started just how many interesting variants there are. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will advise in due course.

Now, to find that cream Austin...

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