Thursday, 1 May 2014

Matching trousers

I had some corduroy trousers in this colour in 1969 which may have been not too distant in either shade or time to Corgi's colour choice for an MGC GT. There were two colours: a black and yellow and this, more friendly but just as odd, orange. Both had black interiors and were, I believe, the only model that came with a black suit case.

Both are quite rare and this is the least common of the two. My stock example is in good condition with just a few marks on the paintwork but otherwise looking very fresh. It is almost the same cast as the MGBGT #327 but with a bulge at the front in the bonnet.

The introduction of the MGB V8 rather spoilt the MGC's chances and Corgi probably jumped the gun with this as by the time it came out the V8 was already being promoted and not a great deal more was heard of the interesting but flawed C. Not many of these were sold and, in fact, quite a few finished up ignominiously added to Car Transporter sets.

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