Wednesday, 9 September 2020

A Bentley 1927 3 Litre in Pewter


This Pewter Edition Bentley 1927 3 Litre arrived in a bundle of Corgi Classic models a few days ago. I was surprised to find that it appears to be an exact copy of the 1965 Corgi model in virtually every respect. 

Even the seats and windscreen are produced in pewter metal. I might have preferred the windscreen left as a piece of perspex but at least this one is less likely to break! The wheels turn too and, again, might have been better left as the nice wire variety with rubber tyres of the original models. It is, though, obviously not something to be played with but an item to be displayed in a cabinet.

I cannot find a great deal about this online. Some information appears to identify it as a Corgi premier Collection model that was produced for mail order in 1989. Another source suggests that it had a limited production run of 800, using the casting tools for the 1985 C861 editions.

This could be the highlight of someone's Corgi Bentley 1927 3 Litre collection but I have no idea what price to ask. I simply have never seen anything like this before. Were there other Premier Collection models? How were they packed? Information gratefully received from anyone who recognises this. Looking at the lack of response that similar requests have had over the years on the few places Google found for me, however, I am not expecting a flood of replies!

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