Saturday, 30 September 2017

227 Morris Mini Cooper

I have recently written about these so I shall not repeat what I said there. Here is the latest list of editions. (revised November 2017)

There do seem to be quite distinct shades of primrose, the lighter of which some call pale lime green. Like the 226 shades of pale blue, however, I am not sure whether there are two colours or a range running from one to the other extreme. As adding another colour would mean an extra four rows I have decided, for the time being at least, to list just 'primrose'.

I had previously listed the free-spinning wheel editions as having a type 2 base but I believe that nearly all would have a type 1b base. I have seen this example of a type 2 base, however, but it has only been the one and I am by no means certain that it will have occurred more than very rarely across the range and so, at this stage, I have omitted it.

227 with type 2 base (but no post)

You will find racing number decals of 1, 3 and 7 on all colour combinations and the digits have two clear types - a thick style and a noticeably thinner style.

For an explanation of the different types, please see my article titled Minis - the different types in September 2017.

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