Thursday, 3 August 2017

Models off to pastures green, grey or just unpronounceable

Quite a few models made their way to various parts of the world over the last couple of weeks. I think the Bulldozer in Portknockie is my favourite, though!

Edge Hill, Queensland, Australia gets some fine vehicles in several convoys

another batch off to Edge Hill, Queensland.

The less common cream Bedford Dormobile in sunny Forfar, Scotland

VW Breakdown Truck and a Maserati on trailer in Langenbach, Germany

Maghull in Liverpool. Somewhere to escape from in the lovely VW Kombi

Somewhere in the streets of Milan is this wonderfully cheerful Marcos

My own old Citroen seems to brighten up a gloomy day in Bexley Heath

The Police Mini Van visiting Oggiono in Italy

A great Euclid Bulldozer in Portknockie, Scotland

The Man From UNCLE looks very out of place in Stoke St Michael, Somerset

Some very expensive arrivals in River, near Petworth, as The Avengers and an original Riviera Set arrive

Roetgen on the Germany:Belgium border and a very rare Bedford van

Sheffield gets a blue Austin Cambridge from 1956. Nothing has changed.

Llwyngwril in Wales and a rare Mini Marcos for Neil

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