Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Morris with tinted windows. Cowley, not Mini Minor!

Visiting a collector friend in Derbyshire today, I was reminded of a grey Morris Cowley that he had that I had noticed a few months ago. I had remembered that it had quite remarkably blue windows. He has let me have it to display and maybe someone out there can tell us a bit more about these early tinted windows.

A good number of these 1956 models have now passed before my camera lens but none have had such distinctly tinted windows. Indeed, many of the perspex units seem to have become very occluded, quite difficult to see through in some cases where the perspex also looks very thick compared to some others. Then there are many with crystal clear windows that seem to have survived and remain as good as they might have been when new. I am guessing that cleaning with the wrong liquid or cloth has caused the trouble with the former types - or maybe there was a type of perspex that simply has aged badly. This tinted type, though, is new to me and I can't quickly find any references to it elsewhere.

I looked again at my own Morris Cowley and there is a faint bluish hue to that one but that is really not something i would have noticed or commented upon. The other one is quite distinctly different. On the basis that this must be somewhat scarcer than the clear type I am asking a bit more for this one but really don't have much idea of its value. Suggestions or background information appreciated if anyone knows.

I have plenty of later examples of tints in the Whizzwheels Morris Mini Minor #204 but they are from a couple of decades later!

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