Wednesday, 8 June 2016

An old lorry, a mini and The Avengers restored

May's additions to the collection ended with an odd mixture but each is quite interesting.

First is this nice red Austin Seven, an early version with the fixed flat wheels and holes in the base. Somehow the steering wheel has become detached from the facia. I may be able to get at it through the wheel arch and the hole where it needs to be pulled back into but I may leave it for someone else if it sells before I get round to that!

The Renault 16 first appeared like this, designated Gift Set 13 with a camera, cameraman and there would also have been a cyclist and bike in the box. This version has the quite rare red decals on the headboard and is in excellent condition.

I had only one or two commercial models in my own collection and it has only been the Bedford CA vans that I've been adding recently. After completing most of the farm models, the next step is to start getting hold of the various lorries and other types of van that were issued. It looks like there were just a few main types, one being the good old ERF lorry that was there almost from day one. This is the flat bed type #457 and only appeared in this colour combination, a quite nice combination of light and mid blue. 

I had almost run out of The Avengers models and along comes this restored set. the box is pretty faded but it is, at least, sturdy and looks reasonably good in the photos or on display. The cars themselves have been really well done and it is really difficult to tell that the Bentley isn't original. The green version with red wheels, despite not being a version that Steed drove, is popular and was one of the less common combinations available in the original sets. This is, therefore, something that might appeal to those who don't appreciate my other combinations .

I do not have a hope of getting an original set when just the cardboard protection piece sells like this!!

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