Saturday, 5 March 2016

Little wheels

No, not the other Andrew's site but an update on my post about wheels. I forgot to include the very small wheels that you'll find on the 233 Heinkel Trojan. This can be in all three flavours; flat, shaped and cast. I only have one example and, of course, it will look pretty much like any other flat wheel but here it is anyway.

There are also the wheels on trailers, of which I only have the yellow ones for GS17 (towed by a Land Rover) and GS6/12/25/37 and red (towed by a VW Breakdown Truck)

There are others - the boat trailers, for example, that I think are this size too and possibly in both styles.

At the other extreme there are many varieties of commercial vehicle and truck wheels which I have not attempted to include as I have so few of these models to refer to. That will have to be for another day!

As a fellow collector and contributor did point out, though, I did miss one car wheel that is an important one. That is the 271 Ghia De Tomaso Mangusta which had a removable chassis.

This is quite distinct and, whilst being another 8-spoke wheel, is noticeably deeper and rather better finished than the others. A very late 'normal' wheel. I think that now completes the set.

I have also omitted the spare wheel that you'll find in most Lamborghini Miuras (the first one that came with the bull, not the competition edition that came later). Because this model had been intended, and, indeed, was listed in the catalogue and even had boxes printed to that effect, as a 'Golden Jacks' model there is a unique type of spare 'take-off' wheel sitting under the hood! I shall add a photo in a while but it is not one you're likely to spot in a hurry!

Unless, that is, you see one of these cars that the same contributor has constructed.

That is how the Lamboghini should have appeared. Apparently this necessitated his acquiring at least four of the Whizzwheel models and a little work to allow for the larger diameter axles. What might have been,.. oh well.

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