Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A feeble attempt by Hornby Hobbies to celebrate the Corgi 60th.

So this is how they're celebrating 60 years? A pathetic looking bus of no obvious brand and I really do hope that, famous for being the ones with windows, this does actually have some. One person has suggested it might be similar to an NCB Milk Float but with van like rear. Whatever the case may be, this is a very poor show indeed and not in any way a good example of a model that might reflect the last 60 years effectively. Wrong colours, wrong fonts, wrong wheels for a start.

Where is the reproduction of a Ghia L6.4 or a Ford Consul? Or something with jewelled lights, an opening boot or doors, suspension? Such great opportunities missed.

There are some other 60th anniversary models but they're Vanguards. The Morris Minor 1000 and Rover P6 3500 are attractive but they are a long way from being reminiscent or an attempt to recall the Corgis of old.  By all means celebrate Vanguard with these but not Corgi.

This silly van is, quite frankly an insult. I think we should club together and find someone to make us a really attractive and worthwhile model instead. Suggestions welcome. This is one occasion when I would even consider a Code 3 type affair and there are some excellent constructors out there.

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