Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pretty in pink

I meant to add these photos of a couple of Chevrolet Stingrays that I got a while ago. These are the two Whizzwheel colours that were around for a very short period and both are scarce now. The rear lights are just painted on the blue one but it isn't obvious whether they've been painted at all on the pink one.

Having just sold what was possibly the most attractive of all models - the previous #300 model in metallic red - I am looking for another of those but still have three metallic green in the collection. Neither of these #387 latest versions will be going for a bargain price either!

I am still trying to find a bronze #310 as well but they're just as scarce, if not more so. Corgi really did get things right with the Stingrays. We shall ignore the stock car versions, of course.

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