Friday, 17 January 2014

Just an idea I had

I can't remember quite when I had the idea but I think it was just a quick response when someone said there might be some support for setting up a new business and wondered whether I might be interested. I just came out straightaway with 'doing something with Corgi Toys...' and that was it.

My original idea was to buy old cars in tatty condition and restore them. I have found most of what I need on-line, including a way to choose the right paint shade, replacement windows, wheels, axles and reproduction boxes are also available, some of really high standard indeed. I wasn't too sure how to do the rivets but there is a set of tools available to help with drilling them out and replace with screws. That seems quite sensible so that it would be quite simple to take a model apart again if necessary!

I would also need spraying equipment, a compressor and an oven as well as some devices for holding the car bodies while they were being sprayed. And a drill, a tray to put some chemicals in for dissolving paint, thinners and cleaners etc. There is some paint available that is shiny when dry which could do for chrome parts as well as silver for most models features.

This is seemed pretty feasible and I quite fancied the idea of turning some old models into attractive new-looking ones again - and making some money at the same time.

So just before Christmas I started buying items - mostly on Ebay but also some other places where I have spotted what looked like bargains I could resell. I have lost count of how many I now have! That's a job that'll have to be done very soon as well as taking lots of photographs which I'll share here as well as on the web site I have made for this project.

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